At the request of the Fundación Juan March, the Bretón Quartet will perform Conrado del Campo’s quartets No. 1 and 4 next Wednesday, 17 February. For the declamation of the text in Quartet No. 4, the poem A buen juez, mejor testigo by José Zorrilla, they will have the special collaboration of the actress Clara Sanchís. The Bretón Quartet is the Spanish quartet that has paid the most attention to Conrado del Campo in modern times, performing some of his quartets throughout the Spanish, French and German geography. Its commitment with the Spanish repertoire, and with Conrado del Campo in particular, has led some of the members of the Bretón Quartet to take care of the necessary transcriptions of the manuscripts so as to be able to perform them, in particular of quartets number 1 and 8. The work with No. 8 is a critical edition that resulted in an article written by cellist John Stokes and presented at the congress El Cuarteto de Cuerda en España de finales del s. XVIII a la actualidad, organized by the University of Granada.

This initiative involving the Bretón Quartet was developed by the Fundación March in collaboration with the CEDOA/SGAE, keeper of the Conrado del Campo fund, and the Spanish Society of Musicology. It entails, as above mentioned, the previous transcription and editing of the materials by a team of musicologists, and will result in the publication of all quartets composed by Conrado del Campo, thus remaining accessible to interpreters, since Conrado del Campo’s notation and, in some cases, the state of the materials, have often been a deterrent. This situation has led to one of the most important, if not the most important, legacy of a Spanish composer for string quartet being practically unknown not only to the general public but to the interpreters as well.

Upcoming engagements of the Breton Quartet include its participation as resident quartet in the Piano Competition “Premio Jaén”, in which they will accompany the semifinalists at the chamber repertoire; a concert in quintet together with the guitarist Miguel Trápaga at the Teatro Bulevar in Torrelodones; and a return to an important Spanish festival whose programme has not yet been announced. Its latest album is the one dedicated to Tomás Bretón’s Quartets No. 1 and 3, released by NAXOS last March.

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