Leo Rondón, venezuelan Cuatro

He took the 3rd place in La Siembra del Cuatro competition in 2007, the 2nd place in 2012 and in 2011 the 2nd place in El Silbón and San Martín. After teaching cuatro soloist, music theory and double bass at Merida School of Music (2003 – 2007), he has been an arranger of the Orquesta Típica Merideña (a venezuelan orchestra), a cuatro and double bass player at the String Ensamble at the University of Los Andes and an arranger and composer for the 5 Numerao ensamble. Since 2013 he is living in Paris.

During the summer in France, with a group of venezuelan musicians he develops a summer academy of Venezuelan Music. He has played in important halls and festivals in Venezuela, Colombia, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands and Morocco as a soloist or accompanying important musicians such as  Cristobal Soto, Ricardo Sandoval, Alexis Cardenas, Huascar Barradas, Luis Julio Toro, José Antonio Naranjo, Orlando Moret, Cecilia Todd, etc. He is currently living in France.

Leo Rondón works in many musical projects involving both venezuelan and french talents. As a soloist, he has created the Leo Rondón Project which allows him to interpret his compositions and arrangements and to make music with invited musicians from all around the world. Leo is also the musical director of Waraira Quartet, a group created in 2015 with the aim of spreading the Venezuelan music in Europe. He plays also with Recoveco and Sandoval 4tet, groupes that integrates great performers such as Alexis Cárdenas, Ricardo Sandoval and Roberto Koch. Along with Maestro Cristobal Soto, a well known Venezuelan mandolinist, Leo teaches courses in cuatro, double bass, guitar, mandoline, tiple and composition at the headquarters of the Association Sonar, in Paris.

He plays a Cuatro tailored made by the French Luthier Mathias Caron.