Christian Vásquez and Leo Rondón meet with the Tenerife Symphony to offer the Concerto del Mar for Venezuelan Cuatro and orchestra, it will be next Friday, May 24 at the Adán Martín Auditorium in Tenerife. This concert had a pre-premiere with an instrumental ensemble formed by musicians from the Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia in April 2022 and had its absolute premiere in its final version in May 2023 with the National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia under the direction by Hernández-Silva, so this performance in Tenerife is his true premiere in Spain. Next season, programming is already planned for the seasons of a Spanish and a Polish orchestra, which will be announced in due course. In addition, Vásquez will conduct the Tenerife Symphony with Antrópolis by Gabriela Ortiz, Santa Cruz de Pacairigua, by Evencio Castellanos, and Estancia: Cuatro danzas, op. 8a by Alberto Ginastera.

In this work by Rondón, canonically organized in three movements; Parranda velera, Punto de Cruces and Estribillo de los Pescadores, highlight some of the most popular rhythms of Venezuela, such as the merengue, the parranda, the waltz and the joropo with an oriental chorus, where the four is exploited from its initial conception as a rhythmic accompaniment. to the enormous palette of possibilities that an entire generation of virtuoso Cuatro players have been able to incorporate into the instrument in recent years, integrating it into the symphonic repertoire thanks to contributions from composers such as Gonzalo Grau, Orlando Cardozo, Leonardo Lozano, Juan Carlos Sanz, etc. 

Vásquez and Rondón with the Tenerife Symphony

After the premiere of his Concerto del Mar, Rondón is already finishing the composition of a new concerto for Cuatro and orchestra titled Concerto del Llano, which will be the second of a trilogy. He will also continue his work in the artistic organization of the PAAX GNP Festival, chaired by the Mexican conductor Alondra de la Parra and which will take place again in June 2024 in the Riviera Maya of Mexico. He continues working with the maestro Alexis Cárdenas and his quartet, and with a duo with the French pianist Thomas Enhco, with whom he published an album with the Chilean tenor Emiliano González Toro, in tribute to the singer Violeta Parra. Known as Leo Rondón, Leonidas Rondón (Guama, Yaracuy, 1984), who was a prominent participant with a podium at the La Siembra del Cuatro Festival in Venezuela, has collaborated with the Quatuor Debussy, L’Arpeggiata by Christina Pluhar and the Mexican tenor Rolando Villazón. Also with orchestras such as the Arctic Philharmonic of Norway, Royal Philharmonic of Galicia, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, Orchester National de l’Ile de France, Symphony of the Region of Murcia, Orchestra of Valencia, Symphony of Castilla y León, Orchestra of Extremadura, Symphony of Navarra, Tunisia Symphony Orchestra or Malaga Philharmonic. For years he organized, together with maestro Cristóbal Soto, the Venezuelan Creole Music Summer Course, a Venezuelan music teaching camp in the city of Mirecourt, France. He is currently carrying out his solo project, Leo Rondón Project.