Pacho Flores keeps adding premieres to this vibrant start of the season, this time together with the Oviedo Filarmonía and Lucas Macías for the absolute premiere of Historias de Flores y Tangos by Daniel Freiberg, a new shared commission with the participation of the Oviedo Filarmonía, the Arctic Philharmonic led by Manuel Hernández-Silva, the Orquesta de Minería with Carlos Miguel Prieto, and the Walla Walla Symphony under its principal conductor Yaacob Bergman. The Oviedo Filarmonía already participated in the commission of Concierto de otoño by Arturo Márquez, together with the Orquesta Nacional de México (Prieto), the Tucson Symphony conducted by José Luis Gómez, and the Hyogo PAC Orchestra led by Michiyoshi Inoue.

The Asturian orchestra has thus been involved in the first and last commissions within the first of the six phases the project consists of. The project also includes Paquito D’Rivera’s Concierto Venezolano, which will close its round of premieres in Spain with the Orquesta de Valencia under Hernández-Silva after being premiered by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic (Domingo Hindoyan) and the San Diego Symphony Orchestra (Rafael Payare); the concert Salseando by Roberto Sierra, which was already premiered in Liverpool (Hindoyan) and Murcia (Hernández-Silva) and will close its round of premieres this season with the Orquestra Sinfônica do Estado de São Paulo (Prieto) and the Orchestra National de Bordeaux -Aquitaine (Hernández-Silva); Danzas Latinas by Efraín Oscher, commissioned and premiered by the Real Filharmonía de Galicia with Hernández-Silva; and Christian Lindberg’s Caballos Mágicos, premiered by the Real Filharmonía de Galicia (Paul Daniel) and very recently by the Swedish Chamber Orchestra with Lindberg himself at the podium, with premieres in Turkey and the US in dates to be confirmed. Pacho Flores had previously premiered another concert by Daniel Freiberg, Crónicas Latinoamericanas, a transcription for trumpet of the original written for clarinet, with the Het Gelders Orkest under Christian Vásquez.

Flores and the Oviedo Filarmonía premiere a concert by Daniel Freiberg

D. Freiberg, A. Márquez, P. D’Rivera, P. Flores and C. M. Prieto during the recording of Mestizo for Deutsche Grammophon

There is a double satisfaction for Pacho Flores in this project of shared commissions. On the one hand, it promotes an unprecedented expansion of the solo trumpet and orchestra repertoire. On the other hand, these new concerts, with enormous technical and musical demands that have fostered the great diversity of new four-piston prototypes in various keys that are being personally manufactured for Pacho by the house STOVI, have come to stay and are now being programmed on a regular basis. Márquez’s concert, whose round of premieres took place throughout the season 2018/19, has already been programmed almost thirty times after the last scheduled premiere; Oscher’s concert has already been performed in Mexico, France and Sweden and is scheduled this season with the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra under Christian Vásquez; and Paquito D’Rivera’s concert is scheduled, also this season, with the Gran Canaria Philharmonic under Hernández-Silva. Several of these concerts have already been recorded for a new Deutsche Grammophon album that will be presented in 2022, and others will be recorded along the coming months. At the same time, Pacho Flores has already composed two concerts as well, Cantos y Revueltas, for trumpet, Venezuelan cuatro and strings, which has already been performed around the world, and what will possibly be the first concert for flugelhorn, soon to be released and for which STOMVI has designed three new instruments.