Pacho Flores and Hernández-Silva with the Nord Czech Philharmonic

Pacho Flores and Hernández-Silva with the Nord Czech Philharmonic

Pacho Flores and Hernández-Silva will offer a concert with the Nord Czech Philharmonic as part of the Beethoven Festival in Teplice, in the Czech Republic, next Thursday, June 17. Due to the restrictions still in force in the Central European country, the concert will be held without an audience and will later be broadcasted on June 26 on the orchestra’s YouTube channel and other platforms. The Nord Czech Philharmonic, Severočeská Filharmonie or Nordböhmische Philharmonie, in Teplice, is an orchestra that has been continuously active since 1838, and since 1964 it has been responsible for organizing the Beethoven Festival. Hernández-Silva has already conducted the Nord Czech Philharmonic on previous occasions, not so Pacho Flores, for whom this concert means his debut with the ensemble. The programme consists of two concerts for trumpet—the Concerto for Corno da Caccia, by Czech composer Neruda, and the Czech premiere of the Concierto de Otoño by Arturo Márquez—together with Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5.

This collaboration with the Nord Czech Philharmonic is not the first between both artists; on the contrary, Pacho Flores and Hernández-Silva have a long history of joint presence with Spanish orchestras such as the Navarra Symphony Orchestra, the Orquesta Sinfónica de la Región de Murcia, the Malaga Philharmonic, the Simfònica de les Illes Balears and especially the Real Filharmonía de Galicia, with which they have performed several premieres and recorded the album Cantos y Revueltas for Deutsche Grammophon. New collaborations in Spain for the 2021/22 and 2022/23 seasons will be announced in due course, and new premieres are also planned with the Arctic Philharmonic in Norway or the Orchestre National de Bordeaux-Aquitaine in France. Recently, they have also been together with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Bogota (Colombia).

Cantos y Revueltas, Extremadura Orchestra

Arturo Márquez’s Concierto de Otoño is the result of the project of shared commissions for new trumpet concerts that Pacho himself has started. The concert was commissioned and premiered by the Mexico National Orquestra (Carlos Miguel Prieto), Tucson Symphony Orchestra (José Luis Gómez), Hyogo PAC Orchestra of Japan (Michiyoshi Inoue) and the Oviedo Filarmonía (Lucas Macías). This Czech premiere with the Nord Czech Philharmonie is the twenty-third performance since the first premiere in September 2018—the fourth under the baton of Hernández-Silva—, after having been performed in Mexico, USA, Japan, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Poland and Colombia.

Pacho Flores premieres a new concerto by Lindberg with the RFG

Pacho Flores premieres a new concerto by Lindberg with the RFG

Pacho Flores premieres Caballos mágicos, the new concerto for trumpet and orchestra by Christian Lindberg, next Thursday, May 27 with the Real Filharmonía de Galicia. The orchestra commissioned this piece together with the Swedish Chamber Orchestra, the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra in Turkey, and another ensemble yet to be determined. This is the third absolute premiere by Pacho Flores with the Real Filharmonía de Galicia (RFG), and the second within the Project of Shared Commissions for New Trumpet Concertos. Pacho Flores and the RFG premiered in January 2018, under Manuel Hernández-Silva, Pacho’s composition Cantos y Revueltas, in a concert tour that included Santiago, Vigo and A Coruña. The concerts were recorded and gave rise to the eponymous double CD / DVD for Deutsche Grammophon. In November 2019 and with the same conductor, Pacho and the RFG premiered Danzas Latinas, by Efraín Oscher. On this occasion, Paul Daniel, Principal Conductor of the orchestra, will be in charge of the new premiere.

Lindberg is also the author of Akban Bunka, one of the concerts that are part of Pacho Flores’ usual repertoire and that he has played all over the world, as well as of Un Sueño Morisco, a double concerto for trumpet and trombone that was commissioned and premiered by the RTVE Orchestra in March 2019, with Ximo Vicedo on the trombone and Lindberg himself on the podium, and that Pacho and Ximo have played this past 1 May at the ADDA in Alicante. Caballos mágicos will be the fifth concert premiered by Pacho Flores within this project of shared commissions after those by Arturo Márquez, Paquito D’Rivera, Roberto Sierra and the aforementioned Efraín Oscher. These two first rounds of commissions will be closed with the premiere of a sixth concert by Daniel Freiberg, and the project will soon be completed with a third round by three new composers.

Salseando, Roberto Sierra, Pacho Flores, Liverpool

Orchestras from all over the world participate in this project of commissions, and despite all the delays and inconveniences caused by the pandemic, many of the premieres, since the first one in September 2018, have already been carried out. What’s more important, these concerts become then part of Pacho Flores’ usual repertoire. This is the sequence of premieres by composer: Arturo Márquez: Orquesta Nacional de México, Carlos Miguel Prieto, September 2018; Tucson Symphony Orchestra (USA), José L. Gómez, January 2019; Hyogo PAC Orchestra (Japan), Michiyoshi Inoue, May 2019; and Oviedo Filarmonía, Lucas Macías, August 2019; Paquito D’Rivera: Orchesta de Minería (Mexico), Carlos Miguel Prieto, September 2019; Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra (UK), Domingo Hindoyan, November 2021; Orquesta de Valencia, Manuel Hernández-Silva, February 2022; San Diego Symphony (USA), Rafael Payare, February 2022; Efraín Oscher: Real Filharmonía de Galicia (RFG), Hernández-Silva; November 2019; Roberto Sierra: Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra (United Kingdom), Domingo Hindoyan, January 2020; Symphony of the Region of Murcia, Hernández-Silva, December 2020; Simfònica do Estado São Paulo (Brazil), conductor to be determined, March-April 2022: Orchestre National de Bordeaux Aquitaine (France), Manuel Hernández-Silva, June 2022; and some Daniel Freiberg premieres are also planned: Oviedo Filarmonía, Lucas Macías, October 2021; Arctic Philharmonic (Norway), Manuel Hernández-Silva and Orquesta de Minería (Mexico), Carlos Miguel Prieto, on dates to be determined.

Pacho Flores y Christian Lindberg con la portada de FRACTALES con motivo de la Medalla de Oro de los Global Music Awards

Christian Lindberg has also been the director of Fractales, Pacho Flores’ third album for Deutsche Grammophon, and they recently recorded duets by Mozart and Bach’s inventions in an arrangement for trumpet and trombone for the European Grammophon label.


Pacho Flores and Hernández-Silva with the Nord Czech Philharmonic

Pacho Flores and Hernández-Silva with the Bogota Philharmonic

Pacho Flores and Hernández-Silva return together to the Bogotá Philharmonic Orchestra for a program that includes the Concerto for corno da caccia, by J. B. G. Neruda, the Colombian premiere of Cantos y Revueltas by Pacho Flores himself, which both artists recorded for the Deutsche Grammophon label, and Mendelssohn’s Symphony No. 4. It will be on Friday, April 26. Previously, Pacho Flores will be the only protagonist in a concert in which he will appear as player and conductor of the Brass Ensemble of the Bogotá Philharmonic. The program will present, together with works by Copland and Dukas and arrangements of works by Gershwin, Sarasate, Piazzolla and Pacho Flores himself, the absolute premiere of Musas y Resuello, Symphonic movement for brass ensemble and percussion, a piece commissioned by the Bogotá Philharmonic to the Spanish-Venezuelan trumpeter. This concert will take place on Friday, April 17, after a week in which Pacho Flores will participate in various educational activities and a masterclasses.

Pacho Flores and Hernández-Silva have just recently presented Cantos y Revueltas together with the Orquesta de Extremadura, a concert that the Scherzo magazine collaborator Justo Romero defined as overwhelming, luminous and radiant: “The confluence of three Venezuelan talents such as conductor Manuel Hernández- Silva (…), trumpet player Pacho Flores (can someone play better?) and the virtuoso of the Venezuelan cuatro Leo Rondón (eighth notes and rhythm in vein) turned the tenth subscription program of the Extremadura Orchestra into a feast for the senses in which music was happiness and emotion. Overwhelming, yes, but, above all, joyous and brimming with art, inspiration, talent and fine quality.”

Pacho Flores, Hernández-Silva, Bogotá Philharmonic

Both artists have a dense history of collaborations full of memorable evenings, such as the premiere of Cantos y Revueltas with the Real Filharmonía de Galicia, whose live recording was later published as an album and led to further presentations with the orchestras of Malaga, Navarre, Murcia or the above mentioned Extremadura, but also the premieres of Danzas Latinas by Efraín Oscher (RFG) and Salseando by Roberto Sierra (OSRM), or the memorable version of the Concierto de otoño by Arturo Márquez (RFG). Still ahead are new premieres of works by composers such as Daniel Freiberg with the Arctic Philharmonic, Roberto Sierra with the Orchestra National de Bordeaux Aquitaine, and the Concerto Venezolano by Paquito D’Rivera with a Spanish orchestra to be soon announced.




The Extremadura Symphony Orchestra performs ‘Cantos y Revueltas’

The Extremadura Symphony Orchestra performs ‘Cantos y Revueltas’

Cantos y Revueltas will be presented by the Extremadura Symphony Orchestra with its original cast of soloists and conductor —Pacho Flores, Leo Rondón and Manuel Hernández-Silva— on March 11 and 12. After its premiere in Santiago, Vigo and A Coruña with the orchestra Real Filharmonía de Galicia, and the recording of the concerts that led to a double CD/DVD released by Pacho’s label, Deutsche Grammophon, Cantos y Revueltas has been performed, always with this trio of artists, in Murcia (Murcia Region Symphony), Andalusia (Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra), and Pamplona (Navarre Symphony Orchestra).

Cantos y Revueltas had its American premiere in Miami with the Bolívar Philharmonic Orchestra and cuatro soloist Héctor Molina under Carlos Riazuelo, and later in Mexico, with the Jalisco Philharmonic led by Jesús Medina and Héctor Molina again. After this presentation with the Extremadura Symphony Orchestra, Cantos y Revueltas will be performed again in Colombia, Mexico, Canada, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States, as well as in other Spanish cities yet to be announced.

Cantos y Revueltas, Extremadura Orchestra

Copyright RFG

In parallel to Cantos y Revueltas, Pacho Flores continues with his project of shared commissions for new trumpet concerts to distinguished composers such as Arturo Márquez, Paquito D’Rivera, Roberto Sierra, Christian Lindberg, Efraín Oscher and Daniel Freiberg. New premieres are scheduled both for the current as well as for next season, before starting a third phase of commissions that will be announced in due course. After these concerts with the Extremadura Symphony Orchestra, Pacho Flores and Manuel Hernández-Silva will meet once again in Colombia with the Bogotá Philharmonic Orchestra, an event that will include a new American presentation of Cantos y Revueltas as well as the premiere of one of Pacho’s latest works, a Divertimento for brass ensemble, showing the growing attention that Pacho Flores is paying to his composer facet, and which will soon bring new important news.




Pacho Flores and Hernández-Silva with the Nord Czech Philharmonic

Hernández-Silva and Pacho Flores: Premiere of Roberto Sierra with the OSMR

Hernández-Silva and Pacho Flores will premiere Salseando, the new trumpet concerto by the US-based Puerto Rican composer Roberto Sierra. It will be next December 17 at the Víctor Villegas Auditorium together with the Orquesta Sinfónica de la Región de Murcia. In addition to Salseando, Hernández-Silva will also conduct Sibelius’s Symphony No. 5. This premiere is part of the ambitious project of shared commissions for new trumpet concerts to outstanding composers, that Pacho Flores has started and managed together with ACM Concerts and that has involved orchestras from all over the world as well as important conductors such as Hernández-Silva, Carlos Miguel Prieto, Domingo Hindoyan, Lucas Macías, etc.

This project by Pacho Flores is being carried out in several rounds, the first two of which are being completed with important composers such as Arturo Márquez, Paquito D’Rivera and Roberto Sierra on the one hand; and Efraín Oscher, Christian Lindberg and Daniel Freiberg on the other. Contacts for a third round have been made and will be announced in due course. The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic participated in the commission of Salseando with its new principal conductor, Domingo Hindoyan; the Orquesta Sinfónica de la Región de Murcia will be led by Hernández-Silva; the Orquestra Sinfônica do Estado de São Paulo, with a conductor to be determined; and the Orchestre National de Bordeaux-Aquitaine, which will close the series of premieres, will also count on Hernández-Silva as conductor.
Roberto Sierra, Pacho Flores, Salseando, Liverpool

Composer Roberto Sierra

The first of these new concertos to complete its series of premieres was Concierto de otoño by Arturo Márquez, which Pacho Flores premiered throughout 2018 with the National Symphony Orchestra of Mexico under Carlos Miguel Prieto; the Tucson Symphony Orchestra with José Luis Gómez; the Hyogo PAC Orchestra of Japan under Michiyoshi Inoue; and the Oviedo Filarmonía under Lucas Macías. After the committed premieres, Pacho Flores is playing this piece all around the world, highlighting the version by Hernández-Silva with the Real Filharmonía de Galicia.

Hernández-Silva, Pacho Flores, Roberto Sierra, Salseando estrenos

D. Freiberg, A. Márquez, P. D’Rivera, P. Flores and C. M. Prieto during the recording of Mestizo for Deutsche Grammophon

After having been premiered by the Orquesta Sinfónica de Minería with Carlos Miguel Prieto, D’Rivera’s Concerto Venezolano saw its calendar affected by the pandemic, as Pacho Flores himself, now waiting for premieres with the Valencia Orchestra and Vicent Alberola; the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and Domingo Hindoyan; and the San Diego Symphony under Rafael Payare. Season 2020/21 will see the premieres of Christian Lindberg’s concert by the Real Filharmonía de Galicia with Paul Daniel, and the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra with the composer himself on the podium. More Lindberg as well as Freiberg premieres are planned for future seasons, including the Arctic Philharmonic with Hernández-Silva or the Swedish Chamber Orchestra with Lindberg, among others.