The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, Pacho Flores and Domingo Hindoyan will offer the premiere of Roberto Sierra’s new trumpet concerto, Salseando, next Thursday, January the 9th of 2020 at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. Its next premiere will be about the summer by the São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra and Giancarlo Guerrero and it will have its Spanish and French premieres at the end of the year by two orchestras to announce. Salseando is composed in three movements: Salseado (tempo of Salsa), Tempo di Bolero, and Veloz (fast), and demands four different instruments, trumpets in C and Bb, piccolo in A and flugelhorn. Together with Roberto Sierra’s premiere, Pacho will also play the British premiere of Arturo Márquez’s Concierto de Otoño. Both concertos are part of a large and ambitious project of co-commissions of new trumpet concertos to outstanding composers as Sierra and Márquez themselves, Paquito D’Rivera, Efraín Oscher, Christian Lindberg and Daniel Freiberg, involving orchestras form all around the world.

Arturo Márquez’s Concierto de Otoño was commissioned and premiered by the National Orchestra of México and Carlos Miguel Prieto, the Tucson Symphony Orchestra and José Luis Gómez, the Hyogo PAC Orchestra of Japan and Michiyoshi Inoue, and the Oviedo Filarmonía in Spain and Lucas Macías;  Paquito D’Rivera’s Concerto Venezolano was premiered by the Orquesta Sinfónica de Minería with Carlos Miguel Prieto and is going soon to have its USA and Spanish premieres by the San Diego Symphony Orchestra with Rafael Payare and Orquesta of Valencia in Spain with Vicent Alberola. Recently it was also premiered Efraín Oscher’s Danzas Latinas by the Real Filharmonía de Galicia with Manuel Hernández-Silva. Daniel Freiberg and Christian Lindberg commissions and premieres will be announced soon.

Salseando, Roberto Sierra, Pacho Flores, Liverpool

Besides this project os shared commissions of new trumpet concertos Pacho is also premiering new works dedicated to him as the double concerto for trumpet and trombone Un Sueño Morisco, by Christian Lindberg, premiered this year by the Spanish National Orchestra of Radio and TV conducted by Christian Lindberg himself and with Ximo Vicedo at the trombone; or its own piece Cantos y Revueltas, premiered by the Real Filharmonía de Galicia and Manuel Hernández-Silva in 2018, which is the main piece of Pacho’s last recording for Deutsche Grammophon launched recently.