Christian Lindberg and Pacho Flores have released a new recording for the label European Grammophon featuring arrangements of Bach’s Inventions for trumpet and trombone, which will be available on Spotify since October 21. This is not the first recording collaboration between Flores and Lindberg, who released the album FRACTALES for Deutsche Grammophon at the end of 2018 together with the Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra. This recording included, among other concerts of the trumpet repertoire such as those by Haydn or Arutunian, the piece Akban Bunka, composed by Lindberg himself, which Pacho has performed all over the world. The album awarded Pacho the gold medal in the category of best instrumentalists at the Global Music Awards.

Nuevo Disco Pacho Flores Christian Lindberg

The Swedish composer, trombonist and conductor is writing a new concert for trumpet dedicated to Pacho Flores. The composition, which will soon be recorded, is a joint commission by various international orchestras such as the Real Filharmonía de Galicia in Spain, conducted by Paul Daniel, the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra in Turkey and the Swedish Chamber Orchestra, both led by Lindberg himself. In March 2019, Pacho Flores and Christian Lindberg, accompanied on that occasion by trombonist Ximo Vicedo and the RTVE Symphony Orchestra, participated in the world premiere of Un Sueño Morisco, a double concert for trumpet and trombone.