Over the next two weeks, Abraham Cupeiro presents his latest album, Myhtos, with the Oviedo Filarmonía, first with a series of six educational concerts at the Teatro Filarmónica between March 13 and 15, and concluding with a concert at the Teatro Campoamor the following week, on March 21 at 8:00 p.m. Builder and multi-instrumentalist, Abraham Cupeiro recovers instruments that have been lost in time, which he uses to create new sounds and interweave them in other musics. As a performer, he stands out as one of the few people who plays the Karnyx (Celtic Iron Age trumpet). He is also the promoter of an ancestral instrument in the Galician tradition: the «corna», an instrument that his grandfather played and that appears in the illuminations of Alfonso X, king of Castille.


Amazonian mythology, ancient Chinese dragons, Nordic giants, gods and goddesses of Antiquity, sacred animals and Mother Nature. Arab, Celtic, Roman or Greek mythologies are the starting points from which Abraham Cupeiro takes the audience of MYTHOS to worlds and cities lost in time, such as the enigmatic Atlantis. Recovering the instruments that our ancestors played in Greek theaters, Roman circuses or caves lost at the ends of the world, he offers us a musical journey through stories created since time immemorial to find a logic to the origin of the universe. Abraham Cupeiro and his ancestral instruments will open the doors of the past for us and guide us on a journey through past civilizations to the moment when human beings first looked up to infinity. In MYTHOS we will discover, among other wonders, the sounds of the Aulos, one of the most represented instruments in Greek antiquity whose invention is attributed to the Goddess Athena, or those of the Cornu, rescued from the ashes of Pompeii. MYTHOS was recently presented on a Galician tour with the Gaos Orchestra, with performances in Ferrol, Lugo and Santiago. Future engagements will take Abraham to Córdoba, where he will perform PANGEA in another series of educational concerts with the Córdoba Orchestra in April.

Abraham Cupeiro

Abraham’s interest in organology has led him to obtain a collection of more than 200 instruments from all over the world and from different periods, that he shows through a concert-monologue under the name Resonando en el Pasado (Resounding in the past). Abraham recovers and builds various instruments, and performs with them today’s music, as well as mixes them with modern ensembles.